You got a gym membership; you’re eating right, working out religiously, so why are you still struggling to build muscle?  If you thought that showing up and turning up was enough to pack on those well-defined pounds then think again – the gym is a laboratory, and you my friend, are about to revisit the textbook Building Muscle 101.  It’s time to get schooled on how to build muscle by avoiding the common weight loss mistakes men make.

3 Muscle Building Mistakes Men Make

These three tips are mistakes we’ve probably all made at one time or another.  Make sure you aren’t doing them if you want to build strong, lean muscles.

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Muscle Building Mistakes - Listening to the Wrong Advice

World-class trainer Jason Corrie recommends that guys who want real results should work with a real professional.  He says that men often listen to the wrong advice – from friends or colleagues – and do not get the results they want.

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If you want professional results then you need to work with a professional fitness trainer.  Just because your brother’s friend was an amateur body builder doesn’t mean that his advice will help you get the body that you want.  Men have different body types, and depending on your fitness and physique, will require different fitness programs to build muscle.  There is no one size fits all!

Jason Corrie has been training at a senior level for over 9 years at some of London and New York City’s most prestigious gyms.  In 2011, he was selected by Virgin Active in London to join the highest elite level category of “World Class Personal Trainer.”

Muscle Building Mistakes - Relying on cardio

Many guys who want to slim down turn to fat-burning cardio to lose weight.  But if that means neglecting the weight room then they’re making a mistake.  “Building muscle turns you into a fat-burning machine,” says Jason.  Expert Tony Schober agrees.  He sees men doing too much cardio too soon.  “Save the cardio for when you need it. If you start off with 4-5 cardio sessions in the beginning, you won’t have room to add in more cardio once your weight loss stalls.”

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If you’re looking to build muscle then you should be focusing on lifting.  It sounds obvious, but so many guys jack up their routine with empty fitness minutes by racking up hours on the treadmill, not the weight rack.  Cardio should only take up a small percentage of your overall routine.  Treat it like a warm up and you won’t go wrong.  After all, there’s no use bragging you’ve been in the gym for hours if all you did was walk holes in your shoes.

Tony Schober is a certified personal trainer and founder of Coach Calorie, founded in 2011 as a way to share his passion for fitness.

Muscle Building Mistakes - Lifting too much weight

Weight training is good but too much can be a mistake, as well. New York City trainer Matt Griffin sees guys at his gym lifting too much weight.  He says it’s a myth that heavier is better.  “Lighter weight with correct form will be much more efficient in gaining the results desired.”

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By far, the biggest mistake newbs make in the gym is lifting too much too soon.  You might be excited to start your transformation, but lifting beyond your means is the fastest way to injure yourself.  You want to start with lower weights using higher repetitions to work on your form.  Once you have mastered your ‘wax on wax off’ (i.e. technique), you can advance to the big boy bar bells.

Matt Griffin is a former dancer and aerialist, who performed for Cirque du Soleil and other international companies.  He now works as a personal trainer in New York City, incorporating his unique training experiences into his clients’ exercise plans.

There you have it!  3 muscle building mistakes men make in the gym.  What mistakes do you see other people making?