If you think that you can show up, strip down, and get laid, think again. Long gone are the causal days of dating in the 00’s; the new trend is to take your appearance seriously in the bedroom. In fact, if you follow our steps, you will discover a world of seduction that includes role-play, dress-up, and a routine that will increase your anticipation and pleasure. So, before you ask, yes the effort is worth it!

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Style Mistakes Men Make in Bed – Not Grooming Correctly

If you don’t read another tip, read this one three times. You ought to be grooming specifically for sex, not just relying on your personal hygiene. Someone is going to be touching you intimately, and with her hands or mouth. You want to ensure that your cleanliness is on par with a surgeon. Wash thoroughly and use deodorant. Yes, down there. Balla powder is designed to reduce sweating below the belt. Go easy on cologne, and always brush your teeth. All the things your momma taught you!

Often referred to as “air conditioning for the soul,” Balla Powder Tingle Formula will not only keep both your “boyz” and body feeling dry and comfortable, but will also provide a cool tingle feeling that is guaranteed to jump-start your day in a new, refreshing way.

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Style Mistakes Men Make in Bed – Not Wearing Fitted Underwear

Boxers or briefs, you decide, but make sure they are fitted and you are wearing the right size! No women wants to see you sagging. Instead, look for underwear that has built-in features, such as a supported trunk in the front, wicking properties (this pulls sweat away from the area) and a flattering waistband. If you fall over the top of your waistband, you need to go up a size. If your boxers are hanging off you go down a size or try a slender fit. The goal is to accentuate how you look in your draws to build anticipation.

Unlock your most comfortable underwear experience ever with MyPakage Weekday boxer briefs, crafted of breathable, moisture-wicking and ultra-lightweight fabric with exclusive Keyhole Comfort Technology — designed to enhance comfort and eliminate the need for shifting and adjusting.

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Style Mistakes Men Make in Bed – Mistaking Pleather for Leather

If you are going to wear more than your briefs in bed then make an investment. Dressing up can be just as fun for men as it is for women, but do not take a short cut. If you want, your partner to take you seriously then look for 100% authentic leather rather than cheap pleather. This is what cheap couches are made from and will make or break your appearance. Instead, when you put your money where your mouth is, you will get a better quality outfit that will make a good impression.

Made from heavy duty Italian leather strapping and a soft leather pouch, the jockstrap features a hidden hole to slip all your junk through for easy action, or just to show off your bulge. The pouch easily buttons on over the top, and the jock also has a built in cock ring to boot.

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