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How to Get Your Ex Back After No Contact

When my ex-girlfriend broke up with me, I didn’t see it coming. I was devastated. I thought we would always […]

How to Have a Threesome Without Losing Your Cool

Have you found the infamous unicorn? You know the one I’m talking about; a second girl to join you and […]

Alprostadil Benefits vs. Side Effects: Is Worth It?

Alprostadil is one method that more and more men are using to alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, they may […]

Caverject™ and ED: What You Need to Know!

Caverject™ has become an increasingly popular means to alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction. This medicated injection produces a safe and […]

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Are Selfies Putting You at Risk of Brain Cancer?

If you have a pulse, then you have not only heard of the term ‘selfie,’ but you have also taken […]

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64-Year-Old Man Finds ED Miracle Cure

Everyone has seen those Erectile Dysfunction (ED) commercials on TV touting expensive and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that supposedly cure ED.  […]

How to Avoid Diabetic Amputation

Can you imagine losing a limb?  Not from an accident or an injury, but because you are one of 115 […]

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Your Body Wants to be a Fat Burning Machine

Look in your call list and we bet you will find at least one person who is gluten free or […]

Has the Secret to Anti-Aging Finally Been Discovered?

As we age, we tend to focus on the vanity issues, but without understanding why these symptoms are occurring, you […]

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Forget Supplements, 5 Tips to a New Body the Natural Way

For many guys, trying to lose weight is a sham perpetrated by industries that thrive on moments of weakness and […]