Look around your home.  What do you see?  If you are like most people, the answer won’t be obvious at first, but dig a little deeper, and you might be surprised to find what is lurking.  From trash that hasn’t gone out, to drawers that haven’t been organized in years, your home is a record of your existence, both the good and the bad.

Your colon is the same.  Over the years, waste and toxins become lodged in the colon where they stow away until you decide to do a deep clean.  If you have never tried colon cleansing, it is as if you have never spring-cleaned your home – it is probably rancid in there.  No one likes talking about colon health, but if you want to ditch those surplus pounds and improve your health then it’s time to listen up.

Just as your home collects junk, your colon holds onto trash that your body doesn’t need.  When you go in and remove this junk, you ditch fat and toxins super-fast.  You basically ‘take out the trash.’  After, your body becomes hyper-effective as it’s no longer sluggish and weighed down.  Once you reach 25, you have a quarter of your life’s residue collecting in there.  That’s a lot!

Colon cleansing enthusiasts believe that periodically cleaning from the inside out removes waste stuck to the colon walls. This waste buildup also supposedly produces toxins that enter the blood and may be slowly poisoning people, contributing to a variety of symptoms — fatigue, bloating, irritated skin and weight gain — and health problems, from depression and allergies to arthritis and cancer.

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Below are some of the reasons why people embark into colon cleansing.

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Food is fuel; optimizing your food source is the fastest way to better performance and health.  Think of your digestive system like a trash compactor.  It manages all your trash and is generally effective at what it does, but if you forget to take the trash out or the compactor breaks down, things get messy very quickly.  Colon cleansing ensures that you eliminate waste effectively, preventing toxins from building in your intestines.  As you age, it’s important to get the upper hand on digestion.  Things start to slow down once you hit 30, and you might be facing unnecessary weight gain and health problems.

As the colon is cleansed, it pushes undigested waste through your system, clearing the way for good nutrient absorption. If waste remains in the body for too long, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and illness. A clean colon from a colon detox allows undigested waste to pass easily through your system.

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Increases the absorption of vitamins and nutrients

When you are able to eliminate waste, you free up more space.  This is important, as your digestive track is like an Ikea kitchen; small but everything has its place.  As toxins collect in the colon, it becomes harder for the digestive track to extract key nutrients.  The digestive track uses every inch of space to absorb the nutrients through the cell walls.  If the walls are covered in grime, then there is less space for the colon to do its job.  It’s time to give those walls a good scrub.

A colon that has been cleansed allows only water, vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream, rather than releasing toxins and bacteria through the colon walls. When the colon is detoxified, it clears the way for essential nutrients to filter into your body unobstructed.

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Colon Cleansing Kick Starts Weight Loss

As we get older, those stray pounds accumulate.  If you cannot budge the belly fat, a colon cleanse may help you to build momentum.  Not all fat is created equal.  Your body pulls fat from different reserves to ensure you do not starve.  If you have excess waste in your colons, your body will expend energy trying to get rid of this rather than stubborn belly fat.  Once you dump the waste, you will feel instantly lighter by as much as 2 or 20 pounds (depending on your actual body weight).  Your weight loss may continue because your body is able to move to the next fat reserve.

These are just three reasons why you should consider colon cleansing if you are over 25.  Many health benefits are worth a few moments of discomfort.

Have you tried colon cleansing?  What did you think of the results?