As a single dad, you unquestionably have concerns about dating and that’s great.  Concerns are a natural part of being a parent, and show that you are being realistic about your expectations.  Dating isn’t a breeze for anyone, and other people do just fine at it, so accept this nugget of wisdom first and foremost – you are not the first single dad to hit the dating scene and you won’t be the last, so, set all your concerns aside.  It will be fine.

Next, realize that when you’re with the right woman, being a single dad is just part of who you are.  It will be no more a defining factor than your need to wear glasses..  The right partner will welcome your family, and you will want to welcome their desire to build your family goals.  The sooner you can accept this the sooner you will be to meeting that special someone.

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How do I know this to be true?  As a relationship coach, I have worked with hundreds of guys who have found themselves in a position they least expect; being a single dad.  Maybe she cheated, maybe you got a divorce, or maybe she passed away.  There are countless reasons why you are in the position you are in but one truth remains, you don’t have to be single forever.

If you want to find ‘The One,’ then here’s my only disclaimer:

It doesn’t matter how much you like her or how much chemistry you have, if she isn’t into having kids or raising yours, and yet you can’t give her up, then why are you still reading?  Nothing I say can help you at this time.  Just enjoy what you have for what it is.  There’s nothing wrong with having a discreet dating life that separates you from being Superdad and ‘Who’s your daddy.’

However, if you are willing to give up someone who seems like a great match in favor of finding someone who is the perfect match for your family, then these dating tips for single dads will rock your world!

Dating Tips for Single Dads – Approaching a Hot Topic

Naturally, the most common question I get from single dads is, “How do I tell her that I have kids from a previous relationship?”  The answer is surprisingly simple.  You say, “I have kids.”  Ok, so it’s not actually that simple.  The truth is, when it comes to tackling the big reveal, most guys get hung-up on what will she think and if will she stop dating them that they turn it into something much bigger than it ought to be.

This is unattractive behavior.  What you are really doing is parading your anxiety, not your commitment to your kids.  Asking your date to be attracted to your kids is unreasonable, they’re not the reason she’s dating you.  So, if she is turned off, and she leaves, you may say to yourself, “Well of course she left, I’m a single dad.  No one wants to date a single dad.”

If you are in the process of feeling someone out, and you have been on a few dates (maybe 2 or 3) then it is a good idea to run by the concept that you have kids in front of her before anyone gets emotionally involved.  Not all women want to date a single dad, but this is no more than the fact that some women don’t want to date men with red hair, or men who work in IT – so don’t let it hold you back.

If you can show her that you are confident in your fathering abilities and can balance a relationship with raising your children, not only will most women be responsive, but they will also be hooked.  Many women are actively looking for a father figure who will raise her children with her, and seeing you gush over your kids will be a huge turn on for her.

Put it this way, when you can say, “I have a son; he’s my pride and joy.  I love hanging out with the little guy and teaching him how to fish,” rather than, “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you, and I totally understand if you want to leave after you hear it,” she is going to respond in a completely different way.

Dating Tips for Single Dads – How to Tell Her You’re a Dad

There’s going to come a point on the first, second, or third date, where you need to approach this topic that you might be avoiding.  It’s important not to let the relationship slip further as you might find out that she is simply not into raising kids.  Don’t worry, not everyone is, but most women are – and it will help if you follow this technique on how to approach her in a positive manner.

Here’s what you do: when you’re on your date, you can open the conversation up by asking her a few feeler questions.  These are what will give you an idea of how open to sharing her life goals with you she wants to be.  If she answers them openly and calmly, then she is letting you know that she trusts you and wants to grow these ideas with you.

Ask her things like:

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Are you happy with your current situation?
  • Do you feel like anything is missing from your life?

When you make straightforward and transparent decisions about dating, you bring a sense of confidence to the conversation she will find irresistible.  Being a single dad isn’t what it used to be, we live in a world filled with modern families.  Just make sure that you are putting your best self forward, and framing your date night conversation that shows off your amazing personality.

If she doesn’t bite, I promise you that this can be a great response.  Remind yourself that you wouldn’t be a bad dad, so why agree to date someone who isn’t fully committed to your situation?  You could be turning down a fantastic next date with another woman who is completely accepting of your situation!  So open up your dance card!

Would you date a single mom?  Let’s get a conversation going!