For many guys, trying to lose weight is a sham perpetrated by industries that thrive on moments of weakness and a lack of education.  Fitness gurus tell us one thing, the TV another.  It is hard to know whom to trust, especially when many of the sources that are dishing out this advice do not know the facts themselves.  This is why our generation is aging faster than any generation before us and are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Steve Holman, editor in chief for Iron Man Magazine, has seen the fitness industry from the inside out.  When he noticed that he was starting to look older and was losing his sexual drive and even his ambition, he turned to his friends in the fitness world for advice.  What they told him shocked him.  All of the things he was doing to prevent aging were the reason he was gaining weight and adding years on the clock, according to his buff friends.

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Why Supplements Do Not Support Weight Loss

Many guys are turning to supplements in an effort to reverse the signs of aging.  These pills are loaded with nutrients and vitamins that can actually cause damage.  As the saying goes, too much of a good thing can kill you.  This is why the FDA does not approve supplements.  While you may think a multivitamin is just what the doctor ordered, do yourself a favor and remember that it isn’t medically approved.  You have no guarantee what you are taking.

Furthermore, supplements are dangerous because they flood your system with potent ingredients that have any number of side effects.  What works for one man may not for another and having so many actions happening at one time can stress your system.  If you imagine Wall Street, you will see why this is a problem.  One man is harmless, but multiple it by 100 stockbrokers, and you see how quickly a problem in the stock market can occur when you introduce competition.

The same thing happens in your body.  What would be a trivial thing, such as vitamin C being absorbed in large quantities, is not truly a big deal, but processing 30 excessive vitamins is taxing on your body.  You have to work overtime to get rid of the toxins you think are healthy.  Add in the fact that you do not moderate healthy foods like you do junk food, and you can see why so-called health foods are the real killers.

When you find out why certain foods and lifestyle choices are slowly killing our nation, you will rethink how you approach fitness. Join Steve and his wife Becky on an adventure of a lifetime as they explore how you can look and feel like a man half you age.  Get back your body, your drive and even your libido without calorie counting or other fad fixes.  It is never too late when you use Steve’s signature system to detox yourself from so-called health foods.

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