Some of this information is new to me, and I’ve always been fascinated by health, but I’ve already made a ton of notes, and I’m going to be visiting for sure, on a regular basis. So, thank you for letting us be part of this web-series with you, Lacey. Let’s resume the conversation in progress with Abs.

Well, AB is a rare blood type as many people know, they’re so interesting and elusive, and it feels like they’re on an island by themselves. It’s such a tricky process. They’re a combination of the A and B blood types.

They’re known for being very conflicted in their personality and states of wellness. And, in Japan, ABs are called ‘genius, crazies,’ which is meant as a term of endearment. They’re unique. They have the artistic and sensitive nature of As, but they also have that driven, daring qualities of Bs. So, they’re very interesting and truly living and breathing contradictions. They are often shy and sensitive in one instance and unapologetic and brazen in another. On dating websites in Japan, they say they’re bipolar. They need a balance of the A and B, which is difficult because the food plan and recommendations are so different. AB blood types’ bodies are very sensitive. I say it’s like they’re on an island by themselves because getting well and learning what works best for them is very individual and tricky because they must determine for themselves if their body is reacting chemically in the way that an A does, or is it more like a B? It’s kind of trial and error with them, so that’s difficult.

So, what are some of the general recommendations around the lifestyle and diet for them?

Like the As, ABs need to avoid overstimulation, so no crazy boot camps (there are many boot camp programs that are wonderful), but no instructors screaming at them and nothing too exhaustive. They’re great for the yoga, and they can be a little bit more active than the A, but they need to pace themselves because they can deplete their energy by overdoing it because they’re so driven. ABs must be very delicate with themselves.

They need to try to incorporate as many vegetables as possible like the A. They’re able to enjoy more animal protein than the typical A, they can incorporate turkey a little bit more, but again – no chicken. And, like the A and B, wild salmon is such a medicinal superfood for them. Salmon has astaxanthin in it, which is an antioxidant and it’s so powerful – that’s where salmon gets its color from. It’s so great for A and AB blood types because it gives such a sustainable energy.

I wish I could be as detailed with AB as I am with A and B, but it truly is trial and error because even for a person who has an AB blood type, they’re always going to be a little more dominant one way; a little more like the A, or a little more like the B. They can enjoy a little more protein than the A, but they can’t overdo it. They can be more active than the A, but they must avoid over-stimulation. Even though a B can do well with gymnastics and swimming, an AB would need to stick with light swimming, yoga and maybe go jogging or hike but not every single day.

Let’s dive into O.

O is the oldest blood type – it’s the original blood type. For thousands of years, it was the only blood type until A came along. 43% of Americans are type O. They are very common and a very interesting breed. They’re universal donors, and they are a great blood type. When they’re thriving, they’re thriving, you just should know how to keep yourself thriving as an O because you can also be very delicate. Regarding personality and demeanor, Os have a lot of energy; they’re very sociable – quintessential extroverts; very outgoing, charismatic, optimistic view on life so they make great company. They’re seldom ‘doom and gloom’; they see the glass as half full. They’re not as sensitive as type As so they don’t feel things as heavy, they bounce back very quickly.

However, one of the downfalls of type O is because they’re so charismatic and because they have so much energy, they’re the type to get fireworks and excited about an idea, but within a week, they’ve forgotten about it. They get an idea, and write down all their goals and plan for it and then they’re on to something else or not caring.

This is so interesting when you mentioned the dating sites, maybe I should find out the guys’ blood types that I go on dates with is. But how do you slip that into the conversation in a subtle way, but they Os sound like the most stable of all the blood types?

Absolutely. So, if you are type O, you will do wonderful on the Paleo, caveman principles way of eating. Your body adores red meat. Red meat is just wonderful for type Os’ bodies. But, if you type O, your body loathes gluten.

I reached out to a girl on YouTube who made a video revealing the blood type diet, and she’s typing O, and she had been on an eating plan where she was eating only cracked wheat bread and no meat. And when she did that, she became so sick. At age 25 she was experiencing arthritic pain in her wrists, and she started getting these brown spots on her face and her back. She was in so much pain, her body was aching, and her friend kept saying that she was detoxing. She was just eating her whole-wheat bread and a whole-wheat bagel every day and cutting out too much meat.

And so, she went to a massage therapist, and she told her she was having lower back pain and weird arthritic pain in her wrist. And the massage therapist asked her if it was chronic pain, and she said no it’s acute, it started a couple of weeks ago, Then the MT said, wait is you blood type O? She said she was and the lady asked her what she was eating, the girl told her and found out that essentially, she wasn’t eating enough protein for her blood type, was eating wheat and gluten galore every day and it was totally toxic to her. And as soon as she left her appointment, she bought the book, Eat Right for Your Blood Type and within two weeks, the brown spots she was getting on her skin were gone!

But that’s just one example of many. I’ve had so many people thank me for recommending the book. I couldn’t even count. People with ulcerative colitis, people with chronic eye bags – one girl whose mother had chronic eye bags and she had chronic eye bags and dark circles – that just vastly improved.

Wow, so you could become vibrant and energetic and just feel healthy. I think people forget what that’s like and are used to having some ailment and it’s almost acceptable…

We should never accept that. Our bodies are very smart, and the body knows what to do, and it knows how to thrive, how to be full of energy, it knows how to be productive, and it knows how to be pain-free – but only when we stop interfering. We’ve got to flip the script and stop viewing our symptoms and our ailments and our pain, and any of our issues from eczema to psoriasis, to acne, to digestive disorders, to cancer, it is simply communication. It’s your body saying that something internal is off, it doesn’t like something you’re giving it. So, it’s communication, and there’s a lot of information on the internet – I’m aware of people calling the blood type diet a fad diet. But, I will tell you that I was initially introduced to the blood type diet by an integrative medicine doctor and was a surgeon for a while, but he just learned that a lot of medicine and surgeries were causing a lot of problems, and so he looked for a more natural way and he opened an integrative medicine practice and had devoted his life’s work to combining eastern medicine principles with Western medicine principles, but he is die-hard about the blood type diet. And, anytime someone is an expert in their field, I respect and listen to their information, while also conducting my research and always experiment and test for myself. And, I have just found the blood type diet to be an absolute life-changing thing.

Speaking of research, you’re going to be having a website series coming out in 2017, give us an overview of what people should be expecting with that.

Okay, so I have a 21-day inner wellness and beauty reboot. It’s an eBook/Audio Program. It will be available in February 2017. I’m excited and working super hard on it so each day will start out with a morning mantra/affirmation and there will be everything from creativity exercises to inner life work; forgiveness exercises to various nutritional guidance. It’s a total mind-body-spirit reboot, so it will address everything internally and externally because I want to blur the lines between not only beauty/wellness but successful living because it’s real all the same thing.

Thank you Lacey for joining us, we learned a lot! As a reminder, is where you’ll go to get this series to sign up for her 21-day reboot starting in February 2017.