Have you seen those beach-bound Viagra and Cialis commercials with a gorgeous woman rolling around in the sand, waiting to hand you a condom, as she begs for you to go again? They make it look so simple; the man has a bout of ED, the woman shows concern, he goes to his doctor for a “cure-all” prescription, pops a pill, and poof – everyone is happy again.

Here in the real world, you and I both know this isn’t how the game plays out. After a man is unable to get it up, there’s an awkward tension in the room that isn’t going away, even if the erection comes back in full force, and after you only lost it that one time. In some cases, the woman makes it all about her and is oblivious to the inner struggle that the man is experiencing. Talk about a boner killer.

If you want to know how to turn your sex life into a real life porno, you’re going to need more than a magic pill prescribed by Big Pharma. Thankfully, I have just the advice for you.


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It sounds cliché, but men are from Mars and women are from Venus; plain and simple. It’s a wonder we ever end up getting laid at all. One of the biggest problems we have is communicating what we want, so when something like ED pops up – or doesn’t, as the case may be – it can be hard (ahem) to know where to start a conversation. Women find it easy to express themselves, but us men? Not so much.

If you’re the kind of guy who finds it hard to keep up in conversation, imagine how much more difficult it is going to be for you to talk to her about ED. You’re not the first guy to feel insignificant and lacking when it all goes south. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when she says she doesn’t mind and you can try again later, what she is thinking is, “Is it me?” or, “This old problem again.”

Keep reading to find out what’s going on, and what you can do to get your mojo back, so she feels the earth shake every time. You’ll be thinking, “ED, what ED?” in no time.


Why Women Blame Themselves


Women are compassionate and beautiful creatures. While she will do her best to be comforting to your face, she will feel disappointed. The bigger problem, however, is that women tend to overthink and report feeling like you’re no longer attracted to her, or you’re tapped out because you’re getting it elsewhere. Crazy, right? But studies show that 42% of women feel this way.

Understanding what she is thinking is important, as it can help in how you respond:

Women faced with ED do one of two things; she’ll either pull away disheartened, or she’ll drown you in eroticism. She will likely feel she’s not sexy enough, not fulfilling your fantasies, or being open enough for you. This can make matters worse for most men! Since ED is not about your feelings towards her, no amount of lingerie or roleplay will make a difference in how you physically respond.

This lackluster reaction validates her doubts and fears and makes you feel pressured into reciprocating, which will force your ED into overdrive. No amount of elbow grease from either party will help once the ship sinks. This is when ED switches gears from “that one time” to every time, and will sour even the best relationship. The good news is she wants to help; she just doesn’t know how to help you – yet.

The first step is to take back control of your ED:

Take a deep breath and admit you are experiencing erectile dysfunction and that you have some feelings associated with ED. Start by acknowledging your wife’s or girlfriend’s self-blame, admit you feel attacked and disappointed when she pulls away, and end up shutting down. By taking responsibility when this behavior occurs, you will be empowered to tackle the next chapter in your life.

Besides, now you understand why she thinks the way she does, you can make decisions that change the outcome. For example, knowing she might believe that you are having sex with another woman means that you can make efforts to show her in other ways how attractive and sexy she is; give her a massage or shower her in oral sex. Instead of feeding her doubts and fears, validate how sexy she is. Now that’s hot!


How to Get Beyond ED


Once you get to a place where you can satisfy her, and she is begging you to put your head between her legs, you can you move beyond the feelings of resentment that ED causes. This is important because you cannot resolve your ED until you fix the cause, so spend a few weeks or months building a new and exciting energy in the bedroom – or living room, or kitchen – and give your dick a break.

After all, it only makes sense that what got you into this mess can’t get you out. It’s time to take a pledge of abstinence while you resolve the cause of ED. Don’t worry; it won’t be for long, and you will thank me for this advice later!


Use these tips for best results:


  • Never talk to her about erectile dysfunction! You want her to think of your dick as the champion of her orgasms, not an inferior pound of meat that cannot get up. We’ve acknowledged that men and women don’t communicate well, so talk to someone else, like your doctor, and stop trying to make her empathize with you.
  • Actions speak louder than words! Telling her, you’re not banging someone else is as useful as banging your head against a wall. Women need to see you a man of your word. Give her a massage, oral sex, bring her flowers, take her on dates. Romancing her will take the pressure off you and give her an opportunity to see you in a sexy new light.
  • Make her say yes! Many times, women will say no when they mean yes. This is a fine line of course, but learn to spot when she is being polite (and feeling sorry for you) and when she isn’t in the mood. If you can instigate her orgasms more often, she will forget about the ED and having sex, and will instead adore you for building her sexual confidence.


Once you start using these techniques, she will finally believe that ED isn’t her fault (even if she hasn’t admitted this to you or herself). And, more importantly, you will no longer feel pressured. For many men, this adjustment period only lasts a few short weeks before their erections return. When they do, not only will your ED be a distant memory, but your sex life will be better than ever now that she is begging for you!

I know what you’re thinking, “Does he think I’m going to give up sex to cure my ED?” No, I haven’t lost my mind, but I need you to understand how these techniques work before I give you my final piece of advice. If you want rock hard erections, and don’t want to take those dangerous dick pills, there is another option, but you must promise that you watch the whole video and use the tips that I gave you first.

I heard from one guy that he stayed rock hard for two days after trying this weird technique and now he can’t get his crazy ex-girlfriend to leave him alone!


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