How you dress says a lot about who you are.  From your personality to your occupation, women can make educated guesses that dig deep.  Don’t go thinking all women are gold diggers though.  She will be looking for signs that you are motivated, disciplined, reliable, and confident.  Your outfit can reveal all of this and more, so don’t give her a reason to walk away after the first date based on how you dress.  Check out these men’s style mistakes all men have made.

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Ill-Fitting Clothes

Whether it’s shirts that are too big or too tight, men are notorious for choosing ill-fitting clothes.  Nothing says, “I bought it at a grocery store” more than cheap fabrics, like pleather (fake leather), or clothes that only last a few washes.  Keep in mind, it’s one thing to choose an off-the-rack item that doesn’t quite fit, but you should never be caught wearing a suit that didn’t come from a tailor.  Baggy tasteless suits should be immortalized in your yearbook only.

Tip: Ask the sales clerk in department stores for advice on what to choose.  They have been trained to help style you based on your event, build, and taste.  In most cases, this is a free service, so ask!

If eyes are the window to the soul, then shoes are the window to your style. Wear the wrong ones, and you will telegraph a less-than-ideal message. If they look flimsy, she will suspect you are a cheapskate. If they are ratty and worn-down, she will think you do not care about your appearance (and will wonder what else you do not care about).

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Fad Trends

One of the worst style mistakes you can make is to turn up on a date wearing a pencil-thin tie or elfish boots and think that she’ll take you seriously.  Fad trends are just that, fads.  When it comes to super trendy fashion, you can’t win.  If you pull off the look, she’ll think you’re materialistic and vein.  If you can’t pull off he look, as most guys can’t, you’ll look out of touch with reality.  Always choose classic styles such as shirts or sweaters and fitted pants when dating.

Tip: If you want to make a statement, choose a bold seasonal color for an accessory.  Color blocking is a timeless way to add a stylish punch without going over the top.

Branded T-shirts

It’s one thing to wear designer clothes, but if the logo is all she sees, you’re going home alone.  Nothing says Frat boy like a giant neon sign across your chest.  Stick to discreetly branded clothes to achieve a look she’ll love.  Keep in mind that designer clothes are expensive and fall of out of style quickly.  Look for brands that focus on quality and timeless fits rather than what the tag says to get the best look.  She will be happier when you look and feel great!

If you can see your chest hair or your pec cleavage in the v cut-out, it’s too deep of a V. Ladies agree that low cut shirts should be reserved only for them. Every woman appreciates a sculpted chest on a man, but she can wait until you take your shirt off at the pool to ogle at it.

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Have you made any of these style mistakes?  You wouldn’t be the first guy that’s for sure.  Leave Male Health Facts a comment and let us know.

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