Unrequited love is perhaps the hardest to live with. If only they would love you back, you know you could both be happy. When you have dated the love of your life, you know this to be true that when things are good they are the best experiences life has to offer. This is why when you find yourself thinking my wife wants a divorce and you don’t, things can get messy quick.

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If you are on the verge of the big D, or she has already instigated steps towards a divorce, not all is lost and we are here to help you get your relationship back on track! Don’t keep torturing yourself thinking My Wife Wants a Divorce But I Don’t…

Step 1: My Wife Wants a Divorce But I Don’t…

The trick is not take what she says at face value, but to use investigative skills to piece together a bigger picture of what is going on in her life. For example, she might tell you that she wants a divorce because she is unhappy about fighting. She may even reveal that it is about money.

However, you might learn that her problem is how money is being spent. Maybe she likes to save and you splurge. In which case, you could offer to see a financial counselor or sit down with your bank manager and create a plan of action that would fulfill both of your needs.

Once you know what you are up against, you can find ways to fix those problems to restore her happiness and faith in the relationship. The decision to divorce is not final, and our emotions change daily, even by the hour or minute, so remain positive and start asking questions.

Step 2: Rule Out Any Negative Influences

When you cannot pinpoint any major areas that may be pushing her away, extend your search to look at who her influences are. Women invest emotionally in the views of their peers. Her friends and family have a major impact on how she feels, especially in her relationship.

If they support you then expect to have a happy wife. If, however, they feel she can do better, especially if they are unhappy with something you have allegedly done, then it can be hard for her to commit. All it takes is for her to tell them about one argument, and they may see you in an unsavory light.

To win their support, you must be able to inject memorable moments into her life regularly so that she has positive things to say. Her girlfriends and she will talk daily, and without regular positive events from you to talk about, her friends may assume the worst. A weekly date night can go a long way.

Step 3: She Says She No Longer Loves You

This is often the most common reason men receive when women ask for a divorce. She may think she is no longer in love with you, but oftentimes, she is simply bored. Without continued courtship, she will no longer feel special nor desired.

After she feels this way, it is impossible for her to feel love as her hormonal reaction is unfavorable to your plight. Women need to be wooed to release a bonding hormone called Oxytocin. When you are in the dating phase, you are training her to love you.

While it is true that marriages must evolve beyond dating, many couples do not realize that dating can be scheduled in a ‘boring’ manner. It might seem unromantic to book a night for you both, but in our crazy, busy, modern world, it is necessary. It will also encourage anticipation – a magic wand to desire.

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