If you’re not using the lubricant, you’re missing out!  Lubricant adds a twist to an otherwise usual routine with its slick application.  These products have come a long way from the days of KY Jelly (although don’t knock it till you try it) and have a lot to offer single men and couples alike.

From warming sensations to longevity, lubricant is a carrier for many different textures and experiences in the bedroom.  You can choose from an array of flavors and scents to formulas that have been specifically designed for unique applications (think oral, anal, vaginal dryness, etc.).

An Important Message For Any Man With
Difficulty Maintaining An Erection…

Below, Male Health Facts looks at the best lubricant for men, offering helpful tips on how to incorporate these sex tools in to your routine!

Always Use New Lubricant with a New Partner

This rule might sound obvious, but when you’re dating, lubricant gets expensive quickly.  If you’re hosting then you’ll want to keep some lubricant on reserve for those just-in-case moments, but bolstering a gallon sized value tub next to your bed is going to set off alarm bells, even in the most laid back partner.

Instead, look for travel sizes that you won’t mind replacing with each new partner.  Smaller containers will be less intimidating for you and your partner too, and if she is shy or isn’t willing to use lube, then you can always bat it off as a ‘freebie’ style sample to keep your cool.  Plus it’s just good hygiene.

We’re careful about what we eat and what we do, because we all want to be healthy. Unfortunately, many of us just don’t think about the potential health risks of what we’re putting in our hoo-has.

Simply Slick™ is the all-natural, organic, and good-for-you lube that you can feel good about when you’re in the mood to feel good.

We recommend:  Simply Slick Personal Lubricant

If In Doubt, Use a Sensitive Formula

Introducing a lubricant can be a daunting task without worrying about an allergy.  Always look for labeling that clearly indicates a hypoallergenic, sensitive formula if you want to move straight into the action.  As many women are extremely sensitive down below, they’ll appreciate this small thought and are likely to keep coming back.  We can’t say the same if they contract a yeast infection!

Other signs of a quality lubricant include listing that they do not contain chemicals (which can lower your testosterone) such as toxic parabens.  It really is in your best interest to buy a lubricant at the upper end of your budget.  This is not one area you want to scrimp on as the side effects of a cheap lubricant could be firmly ingrained in your mind forever.

Not made with glycerin, parabens, fragrances or alcohol, our sensitive skin gel is made with the finest ingredients in the industry, perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Providing the same silky smooth lubrication, our thicker and ultra gentle formula is allergy tested and dermatologist reviewed. Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel also soothes and hydrates to relieve vaginal dryness.

We recommend:  Astroglide Sensitive Skin

Frame Lubricant in a Fantasy

A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.  No one wants to admit that vaginal dryness exists as it insinuates a much bigger problem for the male ego.  In many cases, her personal wetness says very little about her arousal.  While we have been trained to believe that the wetter the better, the truth is many factors such as age, hormones, and where women are in their monthly cycle can have an effect.

Not to mention some women have more natural lubrication than others.  So if you are busy scouring the internet looking for an answer as to why she is dry, it could be for any number of reasons – and we really do doubt it’s because she isn’t in the mood.  If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t be with you.  So think of a fantasy you want to enact and introduce your lubricant with confidence!

Play Warming lube warms the skin on contact so you not only feel fabulous slippery sensations, but a gentle warmth wherever you choose to apply. Here’s an extra tip: blow gently to enhance the warming action and make the sensation even more deliciously intense. It’s a water based lube so [its] safe to use with condoms.

We recommend:  Durex Play Warming  

What do you think is the best lubricant?  Let us know! P.S Don’t forget to check out this video – we guarantee you’ll find the perfect women to use your lube with!