Sometime after the ‘where is this going’ talk, and hopefully never during the ‘I have something I need to tell you,’ there is a serious conversation that many couples need to have.  Sex toys are a fantastic addition to the bedroom Olympics, but bring them up too soon and you may set the wrong tone; leave it too late and it may never happen.  So what should you do?

First, never approach your partner by starting out, ‘We need to talk,’ or ‘There’s something I want to talk about.’  Aside from the obvious, these kinds of phrases charge the conversation with negative energy and make both participants nervous.  Instead, introduce the topic during foreplay to gauge her interest (this is when she is most responsive) by saying, “What do you think about [inserting a toy from below]?”

When you frame the introduction with a positive experience, she will be more likely to hear what you are saying and respond favorably.  One of the biggest problems guys make when it comes to sex toys is simply thinking woman don’t want to try something new.  Trust us, if you have thought it, so has she, so bite the bullet and blow her mind!

Male Health Facts put their heads together to come up with the best vibrating sex toys to use on your partner – no matter how long you have been together.

Vibrating Sex Toys – Bullet

If you are looking for an entry model, then the bullet is for you.  This timeless vibrator is tiny but packs a big punch.  The bullet made waves for its super charged, battery operated toy that stimulates the clitoris with intensity. Couples often feel comfortable using the bullet together thanks to its androgynous shape and non-penetrative application.

The price point also make some models disposable or perfect for short-term liaisons.   Durex offers their waterproof, neoprene bullet for around $20.  At that price, you can set up the conversation by introducing the bullet as a gag gift or keep it in your bedside cabinet as a ‘what if.’  If she isn’t into it, you won’t lose any sleep.  On the other hand, she may love her bullet and want to upgrade to elite models.

Vibrating Sex Toys - Cock Ring

If your partner is the shrinking violet type, then take center stage with a vibrating cock ring.  These have come a long way, thankfully, and are now styling gadgets every man should own.  You can use them solo or with your partner to heighten the sensation and improve your ejaculation.  Choosing a cock ring that is able to stimulate your premium (the area between the testis and your anus) is best.

However, you might want to avoid popping one on before sex as she might be in for a surprise, and not a good one.  To ease her into the idea, compliment her during oral sex and use the cock ring as a bridge for you to stimulate her.  By making it a way for her to remain ‘handsfree’, you can by-pass any awkward talks where she thinks she isn’t fulfilling your needs.  Lelo can help you here.

Vibrating Sex Toys - Dildos

Remote control vibrators are the new rig de jour.  Combine technology, Apps, and a one-on-one sex show with your partner, these handheld devices are a thrilling way to turn up the heat.  Both partners play an active role when using a remote controlled vibrator, but the options on how to do so are limitless.  All you need is an open mind and a healthy sexual appetite.

The IDA is a top pick as you can operate the sensations, rhythms, intensity and speed of the vibrator – a sleek, neoprene device that is unobtrusive.  She can use it to stimulate your testes and perineum.  You can use it overseas, on deployment, by setting ‘playlists’ that pulse for her over Wi-Fi.  And by playlists, we really do mean playlists.  Many pulse to ‘your’ song, which is weirdly romantic.

However you choose to use these vibrating sex toys on your partner, remember that anyway is a great way to explore your partner!