Aside from the occasional job interview, how often do we really think about what we are wearing? As we get older, we become more comfortable in our skin, and are therefore less likely to switch up our style or go-to outfits.  However, what you wear can say a lot about you, especially when dating.  Think of your outfit as a resume and read what yours says about you.

Is your closet filled with clothes your ex-wife bought? Maybe she loved how you looked in polo shirts but you cannot stand them.  When was the last time you bought a new shirt? If it was more than ten years ago you need to read these tips and refresh your options.

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It might sound cliché, but dating is superficial, and if you are projecting an older or less successful version of yourself then she might not stop and give you attention.

What Is The Peacock Effect?

If you have seen a peacock, then you will know they have blooming feathers that attract attention from all around.   The Peacock Effect is when a man replicates this show stopping mating ritual to get more eyes on him by using his attire as his feathers.  When you wear the right outfit, women cannot help but notice who you are and will gravitate towards you.

We are told that peacocks (and other colorful birds) display their finery to attract the attention of peahens and entice them to mate.   The peahens have an eye for beauty and usually respond heartily.  In the human world, it has been a reverse tradition.   The idea of dressing with color and style to attract the opposite gender’s attention has been left to the women.   At least that was the perception for the decades of the early twentieth century.

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The magic factor comes from how successful the Peacock Effect is with members of the opposite sex.  In the dating world, it is traditionally the man’s role to approach a woman.   This puts a lot of pressure on the man who may become nervous or shy.  Instead, when you learn how to become the peacock, you will be able to attract women who will approach you, effectively reversing the dating game.

What I love about this method is that Peacocks are able to date confidently without having to use sleazy pickup lines or weird techniques.   They just wear an outfit they are comfortable with and watch as women flock to them.

The Magic Behind the Peacock Effect

If you think the Peacock Effect was created by the fashion industry to create more sales, you are not seeing the true brilliance of this technique.  It doesn’t matter what you wear so long as you encourage more eyes on you.  In fact, it will work to your advantage if you can follow this one simple rule: to capture a woman’s attention you must be memorable.

Think about successful men, and men woman find attractive, and you will soon see the pattern emerging – they use bright colors, patterns, and accessories to stand out from the crowd.  As most men like to dress conservative, turning up to a date wearing a red shirt could mean the difference in going back to her place or going home alone.  This is because she sees value in the red shirt – you are unique.

One theory is that the more colorful a male is the more he will standout to predators.  This is of course a huge disadvantage to the male! However, if a male manages to be bright and colorful and survive being hunted by predators, then this proves to the female that he must be a very strong and healthy individual, and fit to be the father of her chicks.

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Women are competitive dates and are looking for the man at the top of the pack.  This is why Alpha Males are so successful.  It is not because they are confident, although that does help; it is because they can stand out from the crowd.  They are often obnoxious or loud, and so get sore eyes on them but it has been proven that your feathers, aka your outfit, is far more attractive to her and will be memorable in a way that affects her on a biological level.

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