We have some very simple yet sage advice when it comes to knowing what to wear on a date.  If you are going on a date with a woman, then dress like a gentleman.  When you go on a date with someone, you are making a commitment.  Whether it is for one night or a lifetime, show your respect by dressing the part.  You never know where that night might lead and the last thing you want is a story that is retold with you as the punchline.

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These What to Wear on a Date tips offered below work whether you are looking for casual or serious date night potential, as they focus on one key factor – attraction.  In order for women to be attracted to you there must be something about you that signals to her that you are a suitable life mate.  This biological reaction is deeply implanted into her genetics and plays a factor even if she is the one who wants to keep things chill. Plus, as so few guys are doing this anymore; you will automatically stand out from the crowd.

Below are three date night suggestions you ought to be wearing:

What to Wear on a Date – A Suit

The word suit can scare some men, but it should really inspire confidence.  A well-fitted suit to a man is what lingerie is to a woman – sexy.  The primary reason a woman will agree to go out on a date with you is that they are attracted to you.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Furthermore, if you aren’t wearing a suit, then you are missing out.  Women agree that men just look better when suited and booted so why deny her the goods?

When you wear a uniform, whether it be for sport or work, the clothing helps you focus on the task.  The same thing is true when you prepare and dress sharp for a date — from the shower and grooming to making sure your clothing is clean and in good order, getting ready is a time for reflection on what you’re about to get yourself into.  Give yourself the time to prepare, and wear clothing you are confident in.  You will find these two preparation steps get your date off on the right foot.

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A suit can be tailored for every occasion, including a variety of date locales.  Dress a suit by using darker colors and traditional finishes such as a bow tie, or keep things causal by choosing lighter linens and rolling up the sleeves.   Accessories such as watches, hats, and wallets can all alter the overall tone.   You can also wear a suit blazer with jeans if you are roaming into the countryside or meeting for lunch on a Friday.   It’s about showing you have the confidence to be her man.

What to Wear on a Date – A Smile

While it might sound cliché the one thing women remember about their date is his smile. If you do not smile, she is going to feel flustered throughout the night.  Nothing detracts confidence like watching someone who isn’t having a good time.  So if you are enjoying her company, stop trying to act cool and give her your best smile and let her know you are having a good time.   The reward for this confident action is that she will be instantly attracted to you.

This is because when we smile, our whole faces open up and become more attractive – the eyes dilate and widen, the cheeks become softer and more rounded.   A great smile is the best tool you own and will take you far.   If you aren’t sure how to respond, simply smile.  If she is talking, smile and encourage her to continue.  Smiles can also be playful as well as seductive.  The infamous crooked smile can charm the panties off even unsuspecting women.

What to Wear on a Date – Your Date

She said yes, you found a suit, now it is time to show her off.   Many men get lost in the preparation that they forget that a date should be about courtship and wooing the woman.  It doesn’t matter how old-fashioned this may sound, nothing will turn her on faster than a man with manners, who wants to treat her like a queen.

Small gestures throughout the night will increase the chemistry as they give you an opportunity to touch her within socially acceptable ways.  Holding open a door allows you to stroke her arm as she passes, or to hold her lower back.  Helping her with her jacket means you can brush the hair across her neck, sending chills through her.  The date, after all, is where foreplay ought to begin so use this time wisely to make your mark.  Take your time and she will call you again and again!

Dating should be fun.   If it isn’t then maybe you could do with some pointers.   Check out this video on what to wear on a date with your ex!  If you can impress someone who has seen you at your worst then you can impress anyone you set your eye on!