Speed dating is a fantastic way to meet new people and scour your community for dates with attractive and interesting women.  Just as there are dress codes for bars and clubs, there are some simple tips you should follow when speed dating.  This will ensure you make a good impression and walk out with the hottest woman in the room.  If you have never been speed dating, consider that the primary purpose is to find a mutual mate.  The odds are stacked in your favor.  So what are you waiting for?

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What to Wear to a Speed Dating Event – Business Casual

If you are wondering what to wear to a speed dating event, you cannot go wrong with business casual, or better yet, business attire.  Unlike clubs, this isn’t a social setting.  You are interviewing to date someone and that should always be taken seriously.  If you want to argue that other men will be wearing something less casual then perhaps you would be okay with her dating them too?

While the thought of wearing a suit might not be at the top of your to do list, consider this, a suit is like lingerie to women.  Nothing attracts women faster than a suit.  Furthermore, according to a 2011 survey conducted by Men’s Warehouse, 91 percent of Americans think that dressing sharply “can help a man look more attractive than he really is.” A suit is your weapon of choice, use it.

“I think it shows monetary status and that he is able to provide,” says Nicole Corwin, a 23-year-old with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  “Subconsciously we want these guys more because looking put together reflects to us that there’s stability there.  It is the difference between a man and a boy.  That’s why we’re automatically attracted to them.”

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What to Wear to a Speed Dating Event – The Neckline

The next area to pay attention to is your neckline.  At speed dating events you are moving from chair to chair and talking face-to-face.  She won’t have much time, if any, to notice your shoes or anything below the waist.  It is important to create a memorable focal point she will see.  An easy way to do this is to switch out a stagnant tie for a dapper bow tie.

This small attention to detail will work double time.  First, it will give you something to talk about and will be sure to pique her interest.  Next, it will make you memorable.  You will stand out from other guys who might also be wearing suits.  This is critical, as the purpose of speed dating is to get women to tick your box on their date card, and to do so she must remember who you are.

Bow ties are often misunderstood because most people wearing it cannot handle its power.  Usually, the bow tie is wearing the man, not the other way around.  Wear it with pride and honor, as our forefathers did.  As Glen O’Brien, GQ’s resident style guy, puts it, “…bow tie can be a badge of courage.”

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What Not to Wear to a Speed Dating Event

It may go without saying, but the following are some items you should not typically wear to a speed dating event unless you are a master dater looking to overcome a challenge.  Casual clothing, such as sneakers or polo tops, can be hard to work into attraction.  Anything comfortable is usually a no-go.  Loud patterns or bright colors are best left at home.  As are hats, gloves, and any accessories that prevent contact.

Many men make this mistake of turning to their favorite outfit, as it’s comfortable, without realizing that the thrill of dating is about stepping out of your comfort zone.  Without stepping up your game, you won’t be firing on all cylinders.  This means you won’t be putting your best self forward.  After all, isn’t that the reason why we date? To find our perfect match? So always put in the extra effort!

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