Look in your call list and we bet you will find at least one person who is gluten free or avoiding carbs.  Maybe you are the ‘no wheat please’ person at restaurants or your friend is cutting out sugar because that is what their favorite celebrity is doing.  Listen, there is nothing wrong with avoiding certain foods, but it is more important to understand the effects these and other foods have on our body and what are the real foods you ought to skip.

The sad fact is that many foods being touted as healthy are no more than candy bars repackaged into fancy low fat, low salt, and low carb alternatives for profit.  After all, why sell an apple for a dollar when you can modify it chemically, extracting the nutrients, and sell it as a fruit chew for three, five, or even ten times the price?  You might think that sounds ridiculous, but look in your kitchen and we bet you have committed to buying this very crime at least once.

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Introducing the Fat Burning Kitchen

The Fat Burning Kitchen is an amazing resource for people who want to better understand their diet and the impact food has on their health.  If you have food sensitives, allergies, are overweight or just want to get into better shape, this is an absolute must read.  While you might understand on the surface why sugar is bad for you, what you might not know is that the healthy replacements you are seeking out could be causing you more damage!

Foods like whole wheat and fiber, which doctors promote as part of a healthy diet, cause excessive stress and inflammation.  Just ask bestselling author and food victim Mike Geary, who became certified in nutrition after years of obesity and uncontrollable weight gain that caused massive health complications.  Mike went from being grossly overweight to less than 10% body fat by cutting out a few choice foods that doctor told him were healthy.

Mike is also a worldwide bestseller and bodybuilder: The Truth about Six Pack Abs (over 739,000 readers in 163 countries) & The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging and covers some of the foods that cause stress and inflammation.  What Mike doesn’t explain, however, is why these foods cause such irreparable damage and what you can do about it.  Instead, Mike saved his best wisdom for his new system The Fat Burning Kitchen.

The Fat Burning Kitchen exposes:

  • The foods that are causing obesity and weight gain
  • Why foods contribute to hormone imbalance and even cancer
  • What heart healthy foods are causing heart attacks
  • The truth about Omega 3 and Omega 6 fat levels
  • Why you can never ‘burn off’ sugar

While scary, we are confident that once you read this report you will have the tools needed to make informative dietary choices.  Included in the report is a Fat Burning Cookbook, a 24 Hour Diet overhaul, and a guide to clearing out your kitchen of the deadly foods destroying your health.  You will also discover the secret to making calorie counting obsolete.  This is the same principle that will eliminate your cravings and control your appetite permanently.

If you have struggled with your weight then understand that Mike knows what you are up against and is a shining beacon of light.  In a world filled with fakes and frauds, Mike uses science to get to the core of what is wrong with our food system (hint: the food pyramid is grossly outdated) and is practically giving away tips that would cost you thousands of dollars from other certified nutrition experts.  Make today the day you change your future!

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