If you’ve been single for a minute, chances are you’ve experienced the old faithful dinner date.  Nothing says “expect missionary sex” more clearly than taking her on a status quo dinner date.  If you want to stand out from a crowd and truly wow her then it is time to put a little adventure into the proceedings.  A date night is all about seduction and creating chemistry.  When you take her on an adventure, her body will release adrenaline, which mimics the powerful endorphins she feels when having passionate mind-blowing sex.

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This is important as hormones drive women.  When you make her body react on this primal level all she craves is you.

Date Night Number 1: Go to a Street Festival

An easy way to mimic the thrill of travel is to take her taste buds on a journey.  Most cities have access to street fairs, food trucks, or festivals where you can sample exotic foods.  As you’ll be dining al fresco (outdoors), and usually standing, this is an easy way to transition away from the stagnant restaurant situation and into a new dynamic.  The best part about street food is it’s inexpensive, delicious, and allows you to get closer to her as there’s no table to obstruct the view.

Date Night Number 2: Go to a Theme Park

Show her your fun side by inviting her to a theme park.  This all day date is ideal for the third date when things are getting serious.  A theme park is exciting, has all the facilities you need, and isn’t so personal to feel overwhelming.  As you’ll want to spend a lot of time together, standing in line for rides offers the perfect time to get to know one another (as well as offering a cutoff time if things get too deep).  Encourage her to step out of her comfort zone and have fun!

Date Night Number 3: Go on a Scavenger Hunt

If you enjoy the great outdoors and technology then chances are you already geocache.  Download an App to your phone and access hundreds of maps in your city that have secret packages marked throughout your city to find.  Not only will this get your blood pumping, but the thrill of the chase and added teamwork will make you feel closer to each other.  Plus, the maps are usually set up as sightseeing tours, so you’ll get a great view as you get to know all about your boo.

Date Night Number 4: Go to the Planetarium

What better way to blow her mind than take her on a date that’s out of this world? If you want romance then this is the perfect date.  You can use this on the first or the fiftieth.  If you want something more low key, set up an evening date in the park and bring blankets and a picnic.  All you have to do is look up and let Mother Nature put on a show.  For extra points, download an App and learn some constellations to impress her.

Date Night Number 5: Go to a Dance Class

If you are confident then maximize your talents by going to a dance class.  Learning a new skill together is a great bonding experience.  Add in exotic influences from world dances, and the chance to do a little bump and grind, and you found yourself a winner.  If you can’t dance, use this to your advantage and let her take the lead.  She’ll be attracted to your willingness to try, and you’ll be putty in her hand.  Just don’t go all Saturday Night Fever on her.

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