Can you imagine losing a limb?  Not from an accident or an injury, but because you are one of 115 million Americans who have diabetes?  David Andrews had no idea that doctors amputate limbs to save the lives of those with diabetes until his doctor suggested it by his bedside.  He and his wife were shocked, horrified, stunned, and left no time to digest the news before the doctors wanted to wheel David into surgery.

For many men, David’s story is not farfetched.  Over 70,000 limbs are amputated every year due to diabetes and the toll is rising.  One in 4 of those people didn’t even know they had diabetes until they were forced to part ways with an arm or a leg.  Talk about a wakeup call.  The sad fact is that even if they had known they were diabetic, how many changes would they have made?  We are all prone to tuning statistics out and tell ourselves, “It’ll never happen to me.”

I hope it does not happen to you, but for tens of thousands of Americans, not everyone is so lucky.  Click here to find out why Big Pharma is paying off thousands of doctors to prescribe diabetic medication that is making the problem worst!

The Real Problem with Diabetes

Most people are familiar with diabetes, given that it is one of the biggest medical conditions in our modern world, but few know why diabetes is such a significant problem.  When you are unable to regulate sugar, you are facing a grave danger.  Diabetes all but turns your body into a Sugarland and is unable to ‘burn off’ or get rid of the surplus sugar.  This is where things get tricky.  Sugar is like rocket fuel for cancer, which feeds off pure energy.

As most modern foods contain excessive sugar, it is hard to grasp the scope of this problem.  When you realize that almost everything we eat is fueling cancer, you begin to see why most people tune out diabetes.  A problem of this magnitude feels final.  There is no turning around.  All hope is lost when your doctor says you have diabetes or cancer.  Unfortunately, because Big Pharma pays most doctors, what your doctor is failing to tell you is that you can survive.

In fact, with a few easy lifestyle modifications, you can thrive after diabetes.  Even if you are in the same position as David, hearing that your doctor feels amputation is the best way to treat your condition, you could be an ideal candidate to try a revolutionary new treatment that does not rely on drugs and chemicals.  It works by tackling the root cause of diabetes, which is how the body is able to use sugar, so that you eliminate the risk instantly.

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