If you think that building muscle is just about eating right and working out at the gym then you might be wondering why you have yet to see results. The human body is a complex system, and while it is intuitive as to what you want to accomplish minor tweaks can make a big difference.

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Building muscle is a labor-intensive task for your body, so unless you are giving it excessive resources, it might put on the breaks to any plans you have. After all, your body’s main goals are self-preservation and passing on your genetic code. If you want to know how to build muscle and rewire your body’s goals then stay tuned!

Build Strength Then Muscle

When you look at bodybuilders and their perfectly sculpted chests, you might be asking yourself what they are doing? Usually they are standing around and flexing. Yes, they look the part, but can they actually put their muscles to work? In order to get pumped up you have to build strength first. Think of sumo wrestlers or strongmen who do not look like bodybuilder’s but they are incredibly strong. Once a foundation is in place, you can transform that strength into defined muscle.

In Ancient Greece, the wrestler Milo trained for the Olympics by carrying a newborn calf on his back every day. As the calf grew bigger and heavier he had to carry more weight. This forced Milo’s body to get stronger and build muscle, and that is how he became the strongest guy of his time winning the Olympics 6x.

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Build Muscle with Compound Exercises

Once you have bulked up and are building strength you can move into compound exercises. These are where you stop doing isolation exercises, such as leg extensions, and instead start doing big body exercises such as squats. The reason compound exercises are so powerful is that they incorporate your body weight to add strength to your routine. If you have seen skinny guys lifting big numbers with skinny arms then you have met someone who likes to use isolated exercises.

With compound exercises, you will also achieve a much more balanced physique because you are not favoring body parts. In addition, since they work several muscles at the same time you will burn more calories and get a full body workout with three exercises. You will build more muscle and burn more fat while saving time.

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Use Free Weights

To compliment your compound exercises you are going to want to lift free weights. These are items like bar bells that are not connected to a machine. While your gym might have tons of equipment that is all fancy and mechanical, if you really want to build muscle, then walk past those machines and make your way to the free weight areas. These work with compound exercises to workout large areas of your body rather than isolated areas to decrease the risk of injury and improve muscle development.

Machines force your body into fixed, unnatural movement patterns that can cause injuries. However, free weights allow for natural movements that will not destroy your knees, shoulder nor back.

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