Despite what you may have heard from your buddies or what you may have seen on porn, making a girl squirt requires a lot more involvement than shoving your fingers up her pussy and rubbing. It’s all about making her feel relaxed, comfortable and getting her in the mood.

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I could write books on this, but I’m going to give you my beginners cheat sheet on how to make her squirt, right from setting the mood to changing the sheets afterward.


3 Steps to Making Her Squirt


  1. Set The Mood

Let’s be honest; minimal effort is necessary to set the mood for a man – nudity, lingerie, heck even her just saying ‘let’s have sex’ can be enough to do it. But in case you haven’t noticed, women are different – they need to feel wooed, desired and special. Squirting is 90% physiological and 10% technique.

These acts go a long way in bending her to your will:

  • Tidy up, make the bed and make sure your place smells good
  • Soft lighting will make her feel comfortable without appearing presumptuous
  • Create a playlist that will ignite passion and desire around the time of your intimacy
  • Shower, look nice and don’t forget to trim your nails
  • Then, anything from wine and cheese to a massage will have her motioning you to the bedroom


  1. Foreplay

You have to warm her up to the big event; otherwise, she’ll recoil like a turtle into its shell. First, make sure she goes to the bathroom first to empty her bladder – just tell her something like, “I’ve been reading about ways to make you feel good, so I want you to go freshen up, and let me take it from here.” When she returns, start slowly and take your time.

You don’t want to rush her to the finish line. Many women find the sensations intense and may come just from the anticipation alone. Don’t let her. Make her wait as long as you possibly can. She will beg, and will try to do anything to make you give in; don’t do it, trust me on this one. These are just great signs she is getting primed for a gushing orgasm.


  1. Make Her Squirt

This process should take around 15 to 20 minutes, and by this time, her G-spot should be ballooning inside of her. She may try to stop you and say she has to pee but just reassure her that it’s completely normal and that it’s okay to just let go. You can even tell her to cum all over you.

Be prepared to get wet – you, your hand, your sheets – everything! And, she’ll probably be shaking from the best type of pleasure a woman can experience in her life. Even though it might take some time if it’s her first time, once she experiences it, getting the second (and third and fourth) will be much easier.

After you spend time pushing her limits, do the following:

  • Spread her knees (if they aren’t already)
  • Place a pillow just under her ass
  • Use a high-quality lube and apply it

o    on her clit

o    inside of her vagina

o    on your fingers

o    and even on your palm

  • Insert your middle finger inside her with your palm facing up
  • Rub her front vaginal wall (around 2 inches deep) in a “come here” motion
  • After few minutes, you can add your ring finger and try various other techniques of stimulation (experiment with circular motions and different levels of pressure)
  • Rest your lubed up palm on her clit while “cupping” it completely (the best way to achieve this is to kneel beside her)
  • By now, her g-spot should be very noticeable (spongy, almond-shaped, and circular)
  • Gradually speed up the motions, pressure and cupping to create a rhythmical movement
  • Her frontal wall should be much more swollen due to the build-up of liquids inside her Skene’s glands around her urethra

Remember, what she squirts is not pee – it’s ejaculate, and it’s quite sweet! You can get creative with toys and different positions next time, but the basics will work best for both of you this time. Good luck, and have fun!


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