Welcome back to Male Health Facts. Last week, we kicked off a talk with Lacey Johnson about the Blood Type Diet. If you missed part 1, you can read it here. Next, we’re going to start diving into the individual blood types. So, if you know yours, then you’ll be able to get some great tips from Lacey on how best to go forward and get that balance back and feel good.

Lacey Johnson: Yes, and if you don’t know yours, you need to find out because this is not a fad; this is very powerful information. It’s power to know what your blood type is.

You mentioned last time that this is not just a diet or an about eating, it’s a way of life, so go into more detail about that for us.

Lacey Johnson: Blood type As is the caregivers, most artistic and sensitive of all the blood types. And, they feel things and have a lot of empathy, so they’re very prone to stress because they’re often everyone’s rock. They’re calm and collected on the outside, but on the inside, they have a lot of brain chatter and bottle up their emotions; they’re tightly wound and often stressed. Their bodies create more cortisol than the other blood types and have that fight for flight response, so in general, they tend to get stressed out more. What that means, is arguing might affect them more than other blood types, they get upset and ruin their whole day, they can’t think clearly. Bad traffic, lots of crowds stress them out. Boot camp type exercises would never be good for them. They don’t need someone in their face yelling at them, that’s not beneficial for blood type A. A lot of this can be attributed to the fact the blood type As just have a higher cortisol response, so the body has a more difficult time calming down; they constantly think they need to defend themselves.

82% of people in research and journalists in Japan are Type A. Type As retain information very well. Our brains are like sponges, but it can get very cluttered and crazy in there.

So, this is interesting that there are actual personality traits associated across all areas of your life, career, personal life – everything when it comes to your blood type. Now let’s dive into food, and lifestyle recommendations like exercise for Type A.

Lacey Johnson: Type As thrive well on vegetables and fruits, whole grains – very seldom gluten intolerant, lentils, oatmeal is an absolute super food and so medicinal for Type A. Leafy greens, wild salmon…Type As are going to need to get most their protein from wild fish, lentils, and soy. I know that soy is controversial, or a lot of people are afraid of soy, but for Type A, soy is an excellent source of protein. The vegetarian and vegan diets are great for Type As.

Wow, everything you just said I was like, “I eat that.” I have two vices, one is coffee, which probably isn’t good for Type As I would assume.

Lacey Johnson: I’m the same, I adore coffee, I’m a coffee connoisseur, but it interferes with our cortisol response. It’s not the caffeine by the way, so it’s caffeine free coffee too. There was a study done years ago, that one cup of coffee in the morning (6oz), a saliva test will show a cortisol spike at 10 o’clock at night. But I love coffee; I love it. And, one way I balance it, is I take Rhodiola every single day. That’s a herb that’s so phenomenal for Type A. Rhodiola balances your cortisol, it’s an adaptogenic herb, and that’s one issue that Type As have a little bit of difficulty with adapting. For example, if you had an intimate conversation with a friend and a bunch of other people showed up, and even if you liked those other people, it would leave you unsettled. It’s a classic Type A response. We like to control, we like to know what to expect, we don’t like curveballs…

If any of you are listening out, there are Type A, if you’ve ever done a boot camp type exercise, or intense sprinting, or kickboxing and you find that it doesn’t make you feel great afterward, but end up feeling exhausted, and you find that you aren’t losing much weight…well, intense exercise tends to spike your cortisol and stress Type As, so we’re not going to lose much weight doing a lot of intense exercises. I know that’s difficult to believe, but it’s true. The best exercise for Type A is something that challenges your body while calming and centering your mind. So, yoga – even hot yoga – is wonderful; tai chi – there’s this little-known trainer who I think is incredible. His name is Hamelin D’abell and he’s in London. He has a deep muscle work series – and I’ll put this all on thedailydoll.com, and that series will be available early 2017. But, you do sweat, it’s very intense, your heart rate is elevated, you feel all the muscles in your body participating, but it’s not erratic movements; it’s very fluid and balancing and strengthening in a way that’s very calming and centering. Type As will shed so much weight engaging in that type of exercise. Meditation is just incredibly important for Type As; any self-care ritual to unwind at night because of our just so chattery, a bath, a book that is soothing, we need a lot of soothing and calming type of interactions and rituals.

Regarding things to avoid: chaotic people, people who are yelling a lot – just stay away from them. Crazy crowds of a lot of people, you probably don’t have to live in NYC. Type As are the most sensitive and artistic and the most sensitive to the energy around them, and to music. So, if you’ve ever noticed that certain music just makes you feel more anxious or annoyed/mad; and other music makes you feel so amazing – it’s so soothing and cradling. Type As are very sensitive to that.

So, everything from what you’re listening to, to what your exercise is, to all kinds of things – it’s all important. I’m just wondering, one more question: are there differences between like A+ and A- types, or is it all just A?

Lacey Johnson: None whatsoever, that’s completely irrelevant.

What do you think A types? Do you agree? Leave a comment and let us know! Next week, Lacey returns for part 3, where she will be talking about type B. Stay tuned!