Welcome to part 3 with nutritionist Lacey Johnson. Hopefully you caught the start of the series on Male Health Facts, you can find part 1 here, if not. Let’s dive right in. What’s the deal with Bs? 

Lacey Johnson: Only 15% of Americans are Type B so they’re a little bit rare; they’ve not considered a rare blood type, but they’re rarer. Bs are very strong willed, very practical, very confident, they don’t experience self-doubt very much, not worrisome; they’re they type who are very goal-oriented and follow through. It’s very rare that you would see a B give up on something. They follow through on their endeavors. In fact, Leonardo DiCaprio is a B, so he’s very steady, determined, and they’re not the type to get excited about things and then give up on them or run out of steam. They don’t run out of steam; they’re very steady and very daring – absolute risk takers and not afraid of confrontation at all, risks do not deter them, statistics don’t scare them – they’re very motivated. However, they can often be viewed as selfish, self-absorbed, rule-breakers – the rules don’t apply to them…mavericks. So, that’s B; they’re an interesting breed.

We need them. We need them to be leaders in some ways, or to inspire. 

Lacey Johnson: Well, I don’t know if they make the best CEOs always because they want to do their own thing. But, they inspire and motivators for sure.

So, let’s dive into their diet and lifestyle – I guess they would be the ones to love the boot camp style of exercise? 

Lacey Johnson: That will be a little more Type O, but exercise for B, they’re runners. Intense hiking, jogging, swimming, gymnastics, more intense power yoga. They like more stimulation than Type As but still need some calming because they are energetic and tend to overwork themselves a lot. So, a little bit more active than the A, but not as intense as O.

As for eating, absolutely no corn or peanuts for Bs – they’re just the most toxic and horrible for Bs. Chicken and tilapia are bad and causes a very negative reaction in B. Regarding protein, like the A, they do very well with salmon, but turkey

So, what happens for a B – or any of the blood types – if you’re not following the recommendations for your blood type’s lifestyle and diet? 

Lacey Johnson: This is a very important question, and I’m so glad that you asked me this. B blood types often suffer from blood sugar issues and syndrome x. Syndrome X is related to your insulin and hormone levels; a syndrome that occurs when you have issues with your endocrine system, which affects your blood sugar, fertility, thyroid function, adrenal function, pituitary function, and it causes weight issues. So, Bs are often the types that have a weight that just doesn’t want to depart. But, that doesn’t mean that all Bs are overweight, but when their bodies are out of balance, and they have that high lectin response, they are very prone to fluid retention, blood sugar issues, and weight gain. So, it’s important for Bs to care for themselves properly. And, exercise is very important for Bs. Bs need exercise even more than As do. As need exercise, but they need meditation. Bs need to be physical and release some of that energy and need to keep up with their exercise and keep in line with their diet to keep their weight down.

You mentioned a herb in part 2 for As – Rhodiola to help keep them balanced. Are there any herbs for Bs that are good? 

Lacey Johnson: Turmeric is good for Bs because they often suffer from inflammation. Turmeric is such a powerful anti-inflammatory. A lot of Bs suffer from arthritis too because of the inflammation. Chromium picolinate would be great for Bs, especially if their blood sugars tend to spike. Chromium picolinate helps balance insulin levels and keep that sugar from spiking. So, if a B is going to be indulging in a delicious dessert, or a big pizza or something, it would be wise to take some chromium picolinate with that – 200 micrograms would be ideal.

Are you a B? Does this ring true for you? Let us know! Next week, Lacey returns for the final installment in this series and will be talking about Type AB and O. This is the most interesting of all!