Did you know prostate problems run in families?  Passed down from father to son.  Devastating and painful symptoms can appear in men as young as 21.  If you have trouble urinating, have a pinprick sensation while ejaculating, or have no sex drive to speak of, then you could be one of many men who suffer from an enlarged prostate.  This can be a scary and worrisome prognosis.

That’s why when Radu Belasco, diagnosed at 31, found a way to eliminate his painful symptoms in just three weeks using a natural method we listened.  Click here to find out how Radu was able to transform his life in less than 30 seconds a day!

Prostate problems are one of the biggest, undiagnosed medical complaints in men.  According to Web MD, undiagnosed prostate problems can lead to prostate cancer (usually detected too late and is often untreatable), and Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).  These are commonly diagnosed before 40 in African American men; men with family histories; and Caucasian men who do take advantage of preventative screening measures.

Like many men, Radu has a family history of prostate problems, which were only made known to him as his father and grandfather visited their doctor after 40.  Radu did not know that the prostate often flares up ten or twenty years before this age, and was diagnosed after his other symptoms were causing him pain.  Radu never considered that the root of those problems were his prostate – an ‘old man’s’ disease – and after reluctantly visiting the doctor, Radu changed his life.

Prostate Problems Gone in 21 Days

After endless research, Radu discovered an inexpensive Chinese herb readily available in America that shrinks the prostate, reducing the inflammation.  Radu found that this ‘magical’ and delicious fruit also boosted his sex drive, something he didn’t realize his prostate was stealing from him on a daily basis.  Radu’s plan also saw his body fat decrease, and the vitality of a younger, healthier man return before his eyes.

In a bid to help men from experiencing the unnecessary, yet devastating symptoms of a problematic prostate, Radu is speaking out and educating men on what he calls a ‘euphoric’ treatment plan that got rid of his prostate problems in just 21 days.  Furthermore, the doctor that diagnosed Radu also confirmed that his prostate was in great physical condition and after his natural treatment; Radu experienced other unusual side effects.

Radu reportedly experienced:

  • Safe and rapid weight loss
  • Healthier looking skin and hair
  • Daily bowel movements
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased vitality and energy
  • And so on

If you suspect you are experiencing prostate problems or have been diagnosed by your doctor and are looking for a natural plan, then we highly recommend you check out the report that Radu put together.  It contains all the answers you need to know and more on how to reclaim your body and get rid of those troublesome prostate problems.  Finally, you can say goodbye to painful, depressing sex and hello to a new you!

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