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Should I Text My Ex?

Let’s face it, exes have gotten a bad reputation over the years; many times it’s for justifiable reasons, but are […]

Is Female Viagra the Holy Grail of Big Pharma?

VIDEO: Introducing Female Viagra – Flibanserin
If you think women are confusing then wait until you meet ‘Flibanserin’ aka Female Viagra.     […]

My Wife Wants a Divorce But I Don’t…

Unrequited love is perhaps the hardest to live with. If only they would love you back, you know you could […]

How to Get Over Your Ex

The saying goes, “To get over your ex get under your next,” but is moving on from your relationship really […]

5 Ways to Last Longer in the Bedroom

Last Longer in the Bedroom – Heart

Good heart health is vital to longer lasting erections.  While no guy wants to […]

The Best Lubricant Etiquette Rules All Men Need to Know

If you’re not using the lubricant, you’re missing out!  Lubricant adds a twist to an otherwise usual routine with its […]

Dating Tips for Single Dads

As a single dad, you unquestionably have concerns about dating and that’s great.  Concerns are a natural part of being […]

3 Weird Questions That Make Women Horny Every Time

Are you guilty of overcomplicating a situation?  Maybe you have your eye on a beautiful woman that you would like […]

The Best Vibrating Sex Toys to Use on Your Partner

Sometime after the ‘where is this going’ talk, and hopefully never during the ‘I have something I need to tell […]

Dating Tips in Your 20s Versus Dating In Your 30s

One minute you’re accepting your first ‘real job,’ putting a deposit down on a house, and talking about life goals […]