There are few things more frustrating in life than watching a friend in a free-fall relationship.  You know it won’t go anywhere, but they seem to hold on with the ferocity of a thrill seeker at a theme park.  Only, it’s not always healthy to keep riding the same ride.  Sometimes you have to get off before someone gets sick or stuck at the top.  You know it, they know it, yet round they go again.  It can leave you wondering, Should I Break Up With My Girlfriend?

Now imagine you’re that friend, and you might see why your friends are paying such close attention to your every move.  Just because you love her does not mean you should stay together.  If you are wondering if you should break up with your girlfriend then you are already ahead of the trend.  In most cases, when you start to question a relationship’s validity, the answer is yes, you should leave.  Call it instinct.

Should I Break Up With My Girlfriend?

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However, there are certain cases when breaking up could mean walking away from the best thing that ever happened to you.  In these cases, wondering if you should break up is a warning sign that the relationship needs some work in order to get back on track.  To help you determine if your relationship is worth saving, keep reading to see what action to take.

The Sex Isn’t Fantastic

Listen, the sex isn’t going to be mind-blowing every time, but if you’re getting some regularly, enjoy what you are doing, and if she invites you back for more then don’t knock it.  You could be in a stellar relationship without realizing it.  If, however, you can’t remember the last time you got laid, are having problems in the sack, or she has no interest whatsoever, then it could be a red flag something is up.

When you should stay: If you used to have neighbors banging on the wall loud due to your impassioned sex with your girlfriend but things have now gone stale, then welcome to being in a relationship.  Without tweaking the formula, things can go flat quickly.  If you had a genuine spark then you can get it back.

When you should go: You no longer have sex and sometimes feel relieved about that fact, or you think about having sex with someone else beyond a typical fantasy.  Maybe you have cheated.  The problem is not that you are not having sex; it’s that underneath it all, your passion has gone out.

You Fight All the Time

Contrary to popular belief, fighting can be a good sign in a relationship that the passion is still alive.  The problem is when it becomes the only method you have for working through ideas, opinions, or differences you might have.  Fighting all the time is also an indicator that things need to change in your environment to support growth, so pay attention to what you are fighting about.

When you should stay: If your fights revolve around the mundane or life in general, then you absolutely have a relationship to salvage.  It is normal to fight about money, or the lack thereof, and other daily things as part of the rat race.  However, you ought to be finding ways to improve in these areas.

When you should go: If your fights, on the other hand, are about your friends, family, or go against your core beliefs, then it’s time to consider this could not be your dream relationship.  It’s one thing to have a grumble, but fights that don’t end well often stem from irrevocable differences.

Your Lives Are Moving in Different Directions

If she complains that you don’t spend enough time together you may be hearing the first words of a breakup without realizing it.  Couples in love find it easy to spend time together and naturally gravitate towards one another.  However, just because you aren’t joined at the hip does not mean you can’t have the time of your life.

When you should stay: If you have hobbies and interests that do not include each other, pat yourself on the back! This is a great milestone for any couple and shows maturity.  Just be mindful to dedicate the same amount of time or effort on activities together as you do apart to keep the balance.

When you should go: If after spending time apart, you do not feel refreshed, or you dread going back to your girlfriend, then the relationship has already ended on an emotional level.  Time apart should make the heart grow fonder, not be an escape route.

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