As any bodybuilder knows, muscles are made in the kitchen.  While a regular workout routine, including cardio and strength training, is ideal, your body relies on foods to fuel the fat burning machine that is your metabolism.  This is why some people can have excellent bodies but never go to the gym.  They understand how to eat right, and load up on lean muscle building foods.

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Check out the muscle building foods that will boost your workout results! You can also use them on your own to fuel your body naturally.  These foods are affordable, delicious, and easy to find, and specifically target muscles to help you build lean muscle.  This muscle type gives you definition and shape.  If you want bigger arms or better abs then eat these foods.

Greek Yogurt

Like plain yogurt, Greek yogurt starts from the same source: milk.  Greek yogurt, however, has more protein (a whopping 20 g per cup) and fewer carbs (9 g per cup) than regular yogurt (16 g protein, 16 g carbs per cup).  (1) Look for low sugar, non-flavored varieties to avoid excess additives and calories.  Price is also a genuine consideration when investing in Greek yogurt.


There’s a reason why Popeye sank a can of spinach, it builds muscle! Spinach is high in glutamine, amino acids, and increases endurance.  This muscle building trifecta is also low in calories, and can be added to many of your favorite recipes for a quick boost.  It also pairs well with other muscle building foods making it flexible, as it is delicious.  Try spinach in an omelet!


Now widely available in most grocery stores, quinoa is slow digesting carb that fits the muscle-building bill.  A complete protein in addition to being a slow-digesting carb, quinoa has been linked with an increase in insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) levels, an important factor associated with lean muscle and strength gains.  (1)


Forget gimmicky and expensive drinks, good old-fashioned, low-fat milk is a great choice for bodybuilders as it contains around 9 grams of protein.  It’s also high in amino acids and glutamine, whey and casein.  All of these are the magic ingredients in protein shakes.  Organic milk boasts around 30% more of these lean muscle building blocks than regular milk, so look for organic where possible.


No bodybuilder is complete without his or her daily dose of eggs.  These are by far the cheapest source of protein, but don’t let that put you off! Eggs are known as the perfect protein; but their ability to boost lean muscle and strength gains isn’t due to just the protein alone.  It gets a lot of help from the yolks, where the cholesterol is found.  (1)

So there you have it! Five affordable, delicious and versatile foods that will help you make lean muscle and fast.  Mix and match the foods to create superfoods, and meals that will leave you feeling full and satisfied while shedding fat and gaining muscle.  Looking and feeling your best really can be this easy once you understand how to trick your body into better results.

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