The best men’s hairstyles are easy to maintain, look good in a variety of situations, and withstand the elements.  After all, soaring temps wreak havoc on your locks.  To make sure you look your best, Male Health Facts compiled everything you need to know to go from drab to fab.  Below, you’ll find a selection of styles and tips to pulling off the hottest seasonal looks.

From the timeless buzz cut to the classic crew cut, get professional advice from top stylists.  Each hairstyle is easy to recreate at home and need little to no product.  We also included pointers on how to choose the right style for your face shape and what products we recommend, should you wish to take your style to the next level.

Best Men’s Hairstyles: Crew Cut

If you are looking for a no fuss hairstyle that is completely summer proof, you cannot go wrong with the crew cut.  This all or nothing style is less abrasive than going bald, and is surprisingly versatile.  Depending on your outfit, the crew cut will take you from the office to the gym with no downtime.  Regular trims by your local barber will keep you looking sharp!

If the classic crew doesn’t give you enough to work with, Scot offers another summer staple.  “Go for a style with short sides and the top length styled off your face,” Scot says. “This will keep the sweat-trapping hair off your face, ears and neck during the hot months.”

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Tip:  Ask your barber to apply a subtle fade to modernize this look.  The goal is not to look like you are back from boot camp, but rather, that you are a man who knows what they want from life.

Best Men’s Hairstyles: Super Short Crop

If you cannot part with your parting, then you may be a candidate for the super short crop.  This style will take your hair to its lowest length without applying a razor.  Short hair is perfect summer hair because it is far more forgiving; simply shower, rinse, and air dry.  No product necessary.  What’s not to love about this stylish crop?

On the other side of the hair scale, short crops are a soon-to-be-classic newcomer that is sprouting up everywhere. Depending on your existing hairstyle, this could be a minor or major adjustment that will reward you with massive impact and a super masculine look. The short crop is not shaving or removing your hair. This is about taking your hair to its lowest length without giving into the razor. This is a great style option for easy to manage hair without getting rid of it altogether.

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Tip:  Use a pomade to hold your super short crop in place.  A shiny pomade will give you a retro look, while a matte finish will be bang on trend.

Best Men’s Hairstyles: Short Spiked Hair

Join the likes of Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and George Clooney, with a short and sassy summer do that will get heads turning.  The short spiked hairstyle is all about casual elegance.  The spikes add interest and movement, which is prefect for summer.  While the length offers an easy to maintain look that won’t keep you away from the boardwalk.

This is a classic, executive cut styled with a lot of volume on top.  How to Style:  1. Apply your favorite styling product to wet hair.  2. With a comb, part your hair to the side.  3. Style your hair on top of your head with your fingers, moving it upwards, back, and then slightly to the side.  4. Flatten your sides to your head and push them backwards.  5. Air dry.

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Tip;  If you have a wide face, keep the sides short to prevent adding extra width.  The key to this style is to choose a molding clay that can be restyled throughout the day.

What do you think are the best men’s hairstyles?  Leave a comment and let us know what style you will be wearing this summer!