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5 Secrets to Having Your Greatest Poop Ever!

We all poop. But have you ever stopped to consider if your poop is a great one? You may feel […]

How Men Are Losing 30 Pounds without Pumping Iron

Wouldn’t life be so much better if you could have the body of your dreams without having to pump iron […]

Why Belly Fat Is Killing Men

You might think that Buddha belly is an achievement bestowed by Budweiser, or it’s how a Dad should look as […]

Weird Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

If you’re eating nutritious foods, working out regularly, and still not seeing any results, it might not be your fault.  […]

The Skinny Fat Weight Loss Epidemic

There is a new epidemic facing men’s health, and it is affecting almost all average men.  It is called ‘skinny […]

5 Fast Fat Shed Tips to Kickstart Your Weight Loss

One of the best ways to fat shed is to kickstart your weight loss using fast-acting techniques.  These weight loss […]

Why Haven’t I Lost Weight?

Weight loss is a difficult subject at the best of times.  However, TV advertisements make it seem like only women […]

Healthy Snacks That Kill Cravings

When we think of weight loss, we often think of eating three healthy meals a day.  Unfortunately, snacks may account […]

4 Week Fat Burning Cheat Sheet Part 2/2

Welcome back to part 2 of our 4-week fat burning cheat sheet.  Male Health Facts put together this super menu […]

7 Weight Loss Tips by Authority Nutrition

When it comes to losing weight, you might feel like you’re facing an uphill battle.  To help you reach your […]