Is she a gold digger?  Does she want a one-night stand?  What She Really Thinks about your wallet and can you really be sending the right signal based on how you hold your cash?  Male Health Facts reveal that there is more to your wallet than meets the eye.

The wallet you own says a lot about you even before you open it up. Of course, once you do, the contents speak for themselves. Currency from various countries, either baller or struggle levels of credit cards, expired condoms, etc. However, if you are smart, you will already have expressed everything anyone needs to know about you once you pull out your preferred scrilla vessel.

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This is one of your most carried accessories and says more about you than you think.  Keep reading to find out what that is!  In addition, as a bonus, you will also find out why she is looking for you, not what is inside your wallet!

What She Really Thinks – The Minimalist

If you have a super slim wallet that you pre-ordered from Kickstarter, then she’s going to go out on a limb and say that you work in HR or a management position.  The minimalist is all about efficiency, and your wallet speaks of your sophisticated style.  Don’t expect to find endless receipts and Chinese fortunes in your wallet.

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These wallets, however, can also signal you’re a power income earner.  Don’t you know that minimalist people are wealthy people?  It’s no secret that their fuss-free life paves the way to success.

What She Really Thinks – The Traveler

If you wallet is in fact a leather pouch that smells like patchouli, you might the traveler.  These flighty folks are a lot like the waves of the beaches they frequent.  Their waves are romantic and carefree, but if you don’t pay attention, they can pull you under.  This is a fine line to walk, so be cautious about continued use of your vacation wallet at home.

If all you need to carry around your wealth is a sheath of fine leather, then “We Made It” should be playing every time you enter a room. You haven’t touched cash since Dipset broke up, and unlike regular broke boys, the credit cards you carry around have concierge services that score you last minute tickets, have insane rewards, and can chopper you out of a war zone if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

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She will see your ethnic beading and be attracted to your wild spirit and ability to throw caution to the wind, but she’s not looking to introduce you to her mom anytime soon, but that’s ok with you.

What She Really Thinks – The Sportsman

If your wallet is proudly brandishing your favorite sports teams’ logo, then you may be the wildcard she is looking for – the man whose sense of a home base appeals to her desire to settle down and start a family.  She wants to share her life with a man who will treasure being in love, and the sportsman has a record of being loyal and supporting only one team.  Like his team, she knows the sportsman will cheer her on in the good and the off seasons of their relationship.

What does she really think about your wallet?  Find out in this shocking new video