Weight loss is a difficult subject at the best of times.  However, TV advertisements make it seem like only women experience a weight loss complex, yet thousands of great guys feel the struggle too.  The difference between how men and women lose weight goes beyond the superficial.  Men’s hormones play a major role in how men hold onto fat.  Store too much and men can face a host of life-threatening diseases that can even result in death.  The good news is men have a failsafe in place.

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The truth is that men are larger and have more muscle than women due to the hormone testosterone.  They are genetically designed to have a higher percentage of muscle and less fat — which works in favor of keeping them fit and allowing them to eat more calories.

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Male Health Facts answers a reader question that you might be facing – ‘Why haven’t I lost weight?’ Keep reading to find out what the experts recommend!

Reader Question: Why Haven’t I Lost Weight?

Male Health Facts,

My doctor said I need to lose weight and that I’m at high risk of diabetes.  I have had high blood pressure since I was in college and know I should be eating better, but when I do, the scales stay the same.  Over the years, however, my weight has gone up and up.  I think the problem is every time I go on a diet I have good intentions, and then I fall off the wagon… 

After a few weeks of not losing any weight, I feel defeated and binge on junk food.  That’s when I put on weight.  It’s a vicious cycle and I don’t know what to do, please help.  I’m worried if I can’t get my weight down, I’ll have to start taking insulin. 

What can I do to finally get rid of the excess fat and get my health back?

If you are not losing weight or you have hit a weight loss plateau then it’s time to consider that it’s not your diet that’s causing the problem.  If you have consistently followed a regular routine of eating healthy foods within your caloric goals, and exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, at least 3 times a week, it is safe to say that your problem may be hormonal.

You can find out what you ought to be committing to each day based on your fitness goals and weight here: Calorie Calculator

How to Fix Your Lack of Weight Loss

As men age, they are prone to carrying excess fat around their belly and waist.  Fat may also accumulate under the arms, chin, and buttocks.  These areas signal that the body is holding onto too much fat and may be covering the bigger issue of Low Testosterone.  This men’s hormone regulates weight, muscle, and bone density.

As you produce less Testosterone, as is common in older men, your body does not have a reliable way to regulate fat storage.  Furthermore, your body cannot produce muscles, which are the fat burning machine within your body.  This combination means stubborn weight gain for you.  In order to regulate your weight you must be able to increase your testosterone.

Once you can increase your testosterone, you can build muscle that can zap fat.  You will also see other results like an improved libido, a better sense of drive, and have more energy each day.  Speak with your doctor to see if Low T is responsible for your lack of weight loss.

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